November 2015

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Additive Manufacturing: Annual Review of Opportunities and Findings 2015

Additive manufacturing continued its rapid expansion in 2015, with key adopting industries investing significantly in research and development projects, hardware, and expertise. This activity has continued to advance solutions and applications for various print technologies for prototyping, tooling, and most importantly final part manufacturing. In this report, SmarTech provides exclusive and never before possible access to key market data and analysis featured across five key industries adopting 3D printing including aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, and jewelry.

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October 2015

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Titanium Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing

A new specialty market report from SmarTech is the first of its kind to explore opportunities and considerations specifically for titanium and titanium alloys, to be released in October 2015. Titanium is becoming one of three premiere metal group opportunities for additive manufacturing systems of numerous types, sought after primarily for its high strength to weight ratio, biological inertness, and other desirable properties when combined with additive layer manufacturing.

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September 2015

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Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in Commercial and General Aviation

This report identifies and quantifies the opportunities for 3D printing (3DP) in the commercial and general aviation industries.  It covers jetliners, helicopters, and smaller civilian aircraft and analyzes 3DP’s influence on aerospace manufacturing--and vice versa. 

SmarTech believes this unique study will be required reading for marketing, business development and production managers in both the aerospace and 3DP sectors:

  • The commercial aerospace industry is on the cusp of a manufacturing revolution utilizing metal and polymer 3DP technologies to produce aircraft engine components and a variety of structural and cabin components.
  • The number of projects in pre-production and flight testing for aircraft engine manufacturing has grown significantly in just twelve months. GE is no longer the only supplier ramping up for 3DP production. Pratt & Whitney, MTU, Airbus, and others are all integrating final parts into aircraft in volumes that range from hundreds, to thousands, and beyond.
  • Commercial aerospace is the single best example of advancing 3DP as a manufacturing technology rather than just a rapid prototyping tool.
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September 2015

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Additive Manufacturing in Space and Defense Aerospace Markets

The defense aerospace and space industries are increasingly presenting their own unique high-value market opportunities for additive manufacturing separate from those in the commercial and general aviation industries.

This report identifies and quantifies these opportunities and discusses the best product/market strategies for exploiting them.  The coverage includes space vehicles, satellites, military aircraft, missile systems, and UAVs.  SmarTech believes that this is only report currently available to explore the unique challenges, requirements, and potential benefits of 3D printing in emerging space and defense applications.

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